Monitor your building from anywhere in the world

Our CCTV security solutions will put you at ease now with mobile app automation


Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring and Response


To help with health and safety and effectively reduce the possibility of security related issues our experts recommend installing CCTV security cameras in your premises. This is one of the best way of securing your premises from unwanted intruders whilst also keeping a visual record of events occuring on your premesis all available to be monitored and recorder via mobile app.


There's can be nothing more frustrating than having an equipment failure at a crucial time. At Clean secure watch we are proud to offer a complete maintenance package.We will look after, fix and even replace your security systems if required.

With an annual system checks on each component you can be sure your with our help your equipment wont let you down.



Monitor & Respond

We provide all of our customers with the best possible security monitoring services. Our remote monitoring services are compliant with all necessary British Standards.

Detect genuine incidents of forced entry, unauthorised access and personal attack. Through remotely monitored CCTV cameras, your remote Video Response (RVR) raises the effectiveness of your security systems.

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